'I used to live here' Premiere at the Galway film fleadh! / by Colm Mullen

26th Galway Film Fleadh

2014 / Ireland / 82min / World Premiere / First Feature / Competition Entry / Q&A

“An important and timely examination of the tragic and terrifying phenomenon of cluster suicides, I Used to Live Here is a sensitive and expertly-realised film made by real people.”


Amy Keane, a thirteen-year-old trying to cope with the death of her mother and the reappearance of her father’s ex-girlfriend, experiences the temptation of suicide after witnessing the outpouring of love for a local suicide victim. I Used to Live Here takes a fictional look at how the idea of suicide can spread in communities, particularly among young people. Featuring performances from a mostly non-professional cast, and filmed on the streets of Tallaght in west Dublin, this film offers a striking dramatic representation of a real-life community on screen. From the director of the award-winning Ballymun Lullaby and researched with the assistance of Headstrong, the National Centre for Youth Mental Health, I Used to Live Here sensitively explores the tragic phenomenon of suicide clusters, a phenomenon that is affecting a growing number of communities around the world. 

Director: Frank Berry

Cinematography: Colm Mullen

Cast: Jordanne Jones, Ross Geraghty, Dafhyd Flynn, Nikita Rowley, James Kelly, Alicja Ayres

Script: Frank Berry

Producer: Frank Berry