'I Used to Live Here' - USA Premiere!!! Los Angeles & New York! by Colm Mullen

I am delighted to announce that 'I Used to Live Here' will screen as part of 'Irish Screen America' in Los Angeles (Sept 27th) and in New York (Oct 4th). Special thanks to Niall McKay of Irish Screen America and Soracha Pelan O'Treasaigh at the Irish Film Institute! Wonderful to be screening the film to US audiences.

Irish Screen America http://www.irishscreenamerica.com/

'I Used to Live Here' What the critics are saying.... by Colm Mullen

"An important film"  "Urgent and courageous"  "Powerful"

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'I Used to Live Here' is currently screening in cinemas in Dublin...

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ review for 'I Used to Live Here'! by Colm Mullen

The first review has appeared, from entertainment.ie and it's ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"I Used to Live Here is a magnificent debut"
"Jordanne Jones is phenomenal in the lead role"


Following his acclaimed documentary Ballymun Lullaby, writer-director Frank Berry uses Dr. Tony Bates’ Breaking The Ripple Effects Of Suicide’, for inspiration to explore teen suicide. His big screen debut turns out to be an important film.

Thirteen-year-old Amy (Jones) hangs out on a tough Tallaght estate with quiet best friend Dillon (Flynn). When a boy on the estate commits suicide it affects the two friends in different ways: Amy, who never really got over the death of her mother three years previous, flirts with the idea of ending her life too until she finds solace in the arms of a local youth (Geraghty), while Dillon gets mixed up with drugs and bullies. Meanwhile, his father (Kelly) is approached by an ex who believes that her one-year-old is his...

A winner at the Galway Film Fleadh, I Used To Live Here is a magnificent debut. Even though he’s tackling a huge subject, Frank Berry resists the temptation to address it head on; like a documentary maker, Berry takes a Ken Loach approach and stands back to observe the goings on without getting involved too much. The reasons why the boy took his own life are never brought to light and the dialogue doesn’t try to articulate what the kids must be feeling, if they’re feeling anything at all, with clever lines.

The kids act and sound like thirteen-year-olds. A scene between a glum Dillon and his earnest father hoping to get to the root of his son’s morose attitude could have ended in a hug and an ice cream but Berry has Dillon just mumble there’s nothing wrong and can he put the TV back on? There isn’t a moment here that doesn’t feel authentic. Even when Berry injects something like a ‘movie moment’ he does so in his own way: expertly documenting the loved up stages of a first romance, Berry comes up with a unique break up; a cruel but probably the most memorable brush offs in recent memory.

The masterstroke of using talented local amateurs in the cast certainly helps with the authenticity. Jordanne Jones is phenomenal in the lead role, keeping things bottled up inside her until a final outburst/cry for help, which is a wonderful piece of acting. But the support aren’t too shabby either with Flynn, Kelly and Ross Geraghty turning heads.

Plotless for the most part, Berry avoids the film from meandering about by keeping the scenes short and snappy which give the drama a brisk pace. Will look forward to Berry’s next film with enthusiasm. Review by Gavin Burke | 13:48 | Wednesday 25th March 2015 entertainment.ie

'I Used to Live Here' gets cinema release! by Colm Mullen

I am delighted and proud to announce I Used to Live Here will have a cinema release.

Written, produced and directed by Frank Berry (Ballymun Lullaby), I Used to Live Here stars Jordanne Jones, Dafhyd Flynn, James Kelly and Ross Geraghty and tells the story of Amy (Jones), a 13-year-old who is trying to come to terms with the death of her mother and who is drawn to the idea of suicide. 

Winner of the Best First Feature Audience Award at the Galway Film Fleadh, I Used to Live Here will be released in cinemas on Friday April 3 2015.

Writer-director Berry said: "It is a pleasure to work with Wildcard Distribution, who have shown great enthusiasm and passion for our film.

"I Used to Live Here explores the urgent issue of suicide clusters among teenagers, and features a cast of mostly local people from the community of Killinarden in Tallaght. I'm delighted that their commitment and their remarkable talent will soon be up on the big screen for everyone to see."

Dr Tony Bates, CEO and Founding Director of Headstrong, the National Centre for Youth Mental Health, said: "What Frank and the community of Killinarden have achieved is remarkable, both from the point of view of film-making and from the point of view of deepening our collective understanding of why so many young people turn to suicide.

"We see how easy it is for any of us to lose our way. And, more importantly, what it takes to find our way back."

For more on the work of Headstrong, www.headstrong.ie.

For more on the work of Samaritans, www.samaritans.org.

For more on the work of Console, console.ie.

I Used To Live Here Official Trailer (2015) In Cinemas April 3rd